Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Explanation

Here's to hoping that blogging is similar to riding a bike, and that although rusty the fundamental skills are not completely atrophied.
I have had mixed emotions about the idea of restarting blogging, although I have to say how much more grown up it sounds to have a blog vs. a live journal, though it is basically a distinction without a difference. My main concern is with the idea of readership. I do not write solely for myself and find that almost pointless. I am always writing with an audience in mind. The question is really who I want the audience to be. Live Journal at it's peak was nearly ideal. My readers were an assortment of friends from different points in my life, so it was ultimately grounded in the real world, and real friendships (even if I did not see many of these people frequently in real life.)

Live Journal is no longer an option, and feels kind of quaint and old fashioned, like from an earlier version of the internet, perhaps not web 1.0, but maybe web 1.6 or something like that. I do feel that I have to write, and when I am in the habit of writing regularly I am a happier and more thoughtful person.

So here I go.